Conference Presentations:

Complex Constructs and Item Selection

Presentation from AERA 2019 with Karen Nylund-Gibson and Michael Furlong

Using self-report survey items administered to 1,908 high school students, it is shown via latent class analysis with distal outcomes that a researcher would likely come to the same conclusions whether using a one item measure of life satisfaction or several items traditionally used to measure subjective well-being (SWB). This research emphasizes the difficulties of being able to make between-person measurement claims in the realm of self-report surveys, in general.


Tutorials and Workshops:

Ed 217B Lab 1

  1. Part 1: Intro to R (basics)

R Workshop - 1 day

In June 2018, I gave a one day “tidyverse and data wrangling in R” workshop at UCSB’s MethodsU. The slides and materials are linked below. .

  1. Part 1: Intro to R (basics)
  2. Part 2: Intro to R (Reading in Data, dplyr verbs)
  3. Part 3: Intro to R, analysis and viz

Data for Workshop

Example Data for MethodsU workshop


Research Seminar Presentation

Using mixture models to understand differential item functioning and group constitution.